About us

DAG agency s.r.o. is a company engaged in trade and service of packaging for the automotive industry. We have been operating on the market since 1991 – trade and production.

We carry out the renovation of plastic boxes – most often KTP 114 777, 888, 999, Ecopak boxes, metal gitterboxes UIC, Klappgitterboxes, Magnum boxes and other metal pallets. We supply repaired and cleaned packages to AUTOMOTIVE in the EU, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, France and Spain.

The repairs are done by welding with LEISTER hot air machines with various PP and PE wires – for the given part, the pallet cover, the pallet collar and the pallet itself.

At Magnum Boxes, we also provide repairs to cracked parts, possibly changing worn parts that we order through a representative office in the Czech Republic.

Used, we upgrade, change parts and refurbish.

We produce atypical bulk pallets of 2000x1200x1200, 2100x1500x1500, 2400x1500x1500, 2700x1500x1500 …

These specialized work for us in the company is carried out by external firms. Capacity of repairs of plastic pallets is about 300-400 / month.